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Interview with Alex G. Zarate

Hello, my Lovelies! Once again Monday had rolled around, so it is time for another fantastic interview. For today’s post, I interviewed Mr. Alex G. Zarate. Alex has published several books in his career. So let’s look at the interview and learn more about this author.

A Bit about Alex G. Zarate:

Alex G. Zarate: Active writer, dedicated novelist, philosopher, positive advocate, eccentric artist and keeper to the secrets of the universe. Born somewhere in Texas when a rip in space/time opened a dimensional rift that nearly wiped out all of humanity. (It might have been a little different but he was newborn and hadn’t thought to take notes.)

Alex published his first book in 2008 entitled The Orb. A tale of adventure, space exploration and secret treachery only the ship’s A.I. and the newly assigned captain can uncover in order to save the ship.

His next novel was the beginning of The Linked Trilogy: Linked begins with the tale of eight-year-old Tommy Harris and his newly found kitten, Snowy, who shares his special abilities with Tommy. Together they see beyond the veil of reality, save friends and family while making time to fight bullies and serial killers. Feel free to check them out because – space adventures and teleporting cats!

Alex writes obsessively, only leaving his enclosed bubble of reality from time to time, taking landscape pictures while squinting at the blazing ball of fire in the sky as he hikes the countryside marveling at the strange world beyond his computer screen.

Alex currently resides in the shake and bake realm known as California where he writes, blogs, vlogs, tweets, posts videos, podcasts and daily Instagrams with pictures he takes and hopeful thoughts. 

The Interview:

1. Tells us a bit about your books.

I wrote a scifi book with a new captain on a civilian ship.  The crew does not respond well to him, and with each mission, he comes to realize none of them are expected to survive a return trip.

My Urban Fantasy series is about a boy who finds a kitten that gives him the ability to see thoughts and teleport.  It is more of a supernatural suspense with dark elements as they face everything from bullies to serial killers.  I currently have five books with a sixth planned for next year.

2. What has been the best part of creating your books world?

The best part has been having an outlet for my ideas and stories.

a.   The worst?

The worst has been learning about promotions and marketing.

3. What advice would you give a new fantasy writer like myself?

I always give three pieces of advice.  First, write consistently.  Like any skill, you get better by doing.  Write often and results will follow.  Second, finish the story before you edit.  Third, never have friends of family read your work unless they are avid readers.  Find Beta readers or reader groups.

4. What piece of literature has had the most influence on you? Why?

Probably Strange Highways by Dean Koontz.  I loved the supernatural suspense story about second chances but when I put it down, I realized my own writing had been set aside for over a decade.  I started putting my stories down again and continue to do so to this day.

5. Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing?

Photography, Drawing, Designing and I play with video.

6. How do you balance between writing and spending time with your family?

Writing gets put aside.  Just like my time at work, when I am with my family, I give them the attention they deserve.  My writing comes later.  I prefer to write when I can instead of neglecting those who matter most.

7. Tell us about the projects you have in the works?

I am in the process of publishing Reflections In Darkness, my latest Urban Fantasy novel.  I will be re-releasing my first SciFi novel as a trilogy starting in 2021 and have a final urban fantasy book planned for that same year.  I’ve got a series planned that will be a mix of the two genres that will hopefully be underway in 2022 and a Non-Fiction book I am putting together telling my own journey to the passions I follow and the road to writing.

8. Can you tell us about your writing process?

I always think of myself as a pantser, but in truth, I plan a lot.  Whenever an idea comes to mind, I map it out, look at where it will go, how it will end and go about creating a mind map, an outline and a beat sheet.  Once that is over with, I sit down and write, completely ignoring my guides.  Sometimes, I follow the outlines well but mostly the story and characters take me in new directions that are better than where I originally foresaw. 

9. If you couldn’t write books what would you want to do?

I’ve been there.  I worked, tried different outlets and ignored the muse in the back of my mind.  If I fell back into those days, I’d dive deep into photography and graphic design, telling stories with pictures to quell the need to discover stories untold and worlds unseen.

10.  Is there anything else you would like us to know that I haven’t asked about?

I planned to work on promotions for 2020 but was distracted by a worldwide pandemic.  I hope 2021 proves to be better.

Thank you Alex for doing this interview it was a lot of fun reading your answers. If you would like to learn more about Alex G. Zarate or his books here are his socail media links.

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